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The following page contains information about us in English. Some of the links below will take you to sub-pages in Swedish but we still hope that you will find our home page entertaining! Thanks for supporting Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker!

If you would like to contact us, please send an e-mail to info@uppsalablasarsymfoniker.se.

Upcoming performances



May 25
ECWO 2024
Oslo Konserthus, Norway

The European Championships 2023

On Saturday May 6th 2023 we went to Amiens, France to compete in the European Championships for Wind Orchestras. We were awarded 91.08 points and came in 7th place. The competing orchestras were excellent and we are very proud and happy about this achievement! More information can be found at the event home page http://www.ecwo.eu.

Johan de Meij, conductor and composer

“Working with the Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker for their 10th Anniversary concert was a tremendous experience: the world premiere performance of their commissioned work SPRING [Overture for wind orchestra] in which I incorporated some Swedish folk tunes was a highly memorable event. I loved the clarity and the fresh and crisp sound of the UBS, and the friendliness and hospitality of the musicians. I do hope to be back soon!” (2010-05-22)

About us

Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker

Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker was founded in 2000 (then by the name of Uppsala Blåsarsinfonietta) by young wind music enthusiasts with the aim to perform original music for symphonic wind band. Today the orchestra still to a large parts consist of young musicians and the focus is on performing original music. The musical background of the musicians is very diverse but together they create harmony. Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker combine a high level of ambition with the joy of playing music. The orchestra has collaborated with numerous well known Swedish musicians, such as Håkan Björkman, Andreas Hanson, Alexander Hanson, Anders Paulsson och Nils Landgren as well as international composers such as Johan de Meij. Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker perform at least two concerts every year. Besides their own concerts the orchestra also play together with other singers and choirs as well as performing on occasions when wind music is requested. Uppsala blåsarsymfoniker has been rewarded with Alsénstipendiet by Musikens Hus Vänner in 2009 and a scholarship from the Håkan Parkmans memorial fund in 2016. Uppsala blåsarsymfoniker has previously participated in the Swedish National Championships on three occations. In 2002 the orchestra won the Swedish National Championships, and in 2004 the orchestra placed in second place. In 2017 Uppsala blåsarsymfoniker returned to the Swedish National Championships, this time to take the first place and again claim the title Swedish champions. 2017 the orchestra also participated in World Music Contest in the Netherlands and received a gold medal. In May 2018 Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker was representing Sweden in the European Championships for Wind Orchestras in Brussels. They were awarded 88.33 points which meant a 7th place. Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker is enjoying a good collaboration with Uppsala music school and Musik i Uppland.  The orchestra has received financial support from Uppsala municipality, the Association of Swedish Orchestras and Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet. In 2016 the orchestra changed the name from Uppsala Blåsarsinfonietta to Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker.

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Would you like to join the band? Drop us an e-mail describing yourself, what instrument you play  and tell us about your musical background.

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times Swedish champions

WMC gold medal

out of 100 points in the Swedish championships 2023

points in ECWO 2023

Leif Karlsson


Leif Karlsson is the maestro and conductor of Uppsala Blåsarsymfoniker. He is constantly raising the ambition level and improving the quality of the orchestra and he is the one usually conducting us in concert. Leif is working as a musical consultant for the Swedish region Västra Götaland and he has a long list of achievements within the musical world of Sweden. As a professional percussionist Leif was one of the founders of the world known precussion ensemble Kroumata, where he was a performing and recording artist for 30 years. Kroumata have performed in 43 countries worldwide and recorded 19 records. As a conductor Leif has been working with, amongst others, Wermland Opera, Luftförsvarets Musikkorps, Förvarets Musikkorps Nordnorge, Norrlandsoperan, Jönköpings Sinfonietta, Västerås Sinfonietta and Bodö Sinfonietta. He is also the leader of Norrbotten Youth Symphonic Band since more than 25 years. Leif Karlsson is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and as a performer and conductor he has premiered more than 250 compositions. You can find more information about Leif on his home page at leifkarlssonconductor.se.

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If you would like to get in touch please send an e-mail to info@uppsalablasarsymfoniker.se or call us at 0046 706-054 695.

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