Juni 2019
Under vårkonserten “Orientexpressen” som gick av stapeln den 19:e maj 2019 gästades vi av Jan van Der Roost. Efter konserten lämnade Jan följande meddelande:

My first contacts with ‘UBS’ date from several years ago, when they were preparing my piece “SPARTACUS” for the “World Music Contest” in Kerkrade (NL). Since then, their artistic leader Leif Karlsson and I have been in contact on a regular basis, eventually leading to a guest conducting in their home town Uppsala on May 19th. I had the great pleasure to rehearse and perform two works of mine. One of them was my concert aria “I SHALL LOVE BUT THEE”, featuring the fantastic soprano Jeanette Köhn, which they already had performed with the same soloist at the Royal Palace in Stockholm some months before. It truly was great to work with this excellent wind orchestra and the wonderful voice of Jeanette lifted the entire ensemble up to a higher musical level. In short: my musical cooperation with “UBS” was a most enjoyable and successful one and I was happy to have the opportunity to be part of their “success story” as they definitely play a pioneer role in their country – in various ways!


Jan Van der Roost

composer, conductor – Belgium – June 2019